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Flip Orley - Comic & Hypnotist

Screen Room - Resorts Casino
Atlantic City, NJ


Resorts Casino-Hotel welcomes Comic/Hypnotist Flip Orley for his two month residency July 3rd – September 1st. Since Flip Orley burst onto the comedy scene he has single - handedly reshaped the image of hypnosis from its vaudeville image, to an act that is hip, edgy and hilarious. Flip’s appearance on the “Today Show” brought rave reviews and stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan where he completely transforms the reality of his volunteers. His one-man show has set comedy club attendance records across North America. When Flip takes the stage and rolls up his sleeves, faithful fans and new comers alike find themselves captivated with his mind blowing show packed with FUN and laughter. What sets Orley apart from others in his craft, is his true comedic ability to deliver a top notch stand up set before unleashing his volunteer’s subconscious imaginations creating an experience they will never forget.

Days & Times:
Tuesday, July 31 - Saturday, September 1, 2018
Tuesdays thru Saturdays
Showtime 9:00 PM
Ticket Prices:$ 25.00
Contact:Phone: 866-962-3595
Tags:Revue Shows